Foxy Content Filtering Proxy

It acts as a middleman between the users' browsers and the Internet. All through traffic is inspected, categorized, counted, and may be modified, redirected, or blocked, if neccessary.

Foxy is not just another “internet filter”, “popup blocker”, “porn stopper”, “form filler”, etc. It can do it all, and much, much more.

Preparing for your success, we provide truly prominent IT solutions.

Can forward requests to other proxy servers

Would you like to use anonimous public proxies to protect your privacy while visiting some sites, but connect directly (or use your ISP's caching proxy) for the rest of the Internet?

Foxy can do that, too. More than one proxy can be specified for every URL set; an avilable server will be selected automatically.

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    You can register your copy in three easy steps:

    • Purchase Foxy from our payment processor – Kagi. All major credit cards are accepted.
    • Once your payment is approved, you will receive your Activation Code by e-mail.
    • Unlock your copy by entering your name and Activation Code (exactly as shown in the received e-mail).
    • If you running Foxy now and your browser is correctly configured to use Foxy for HTTP proxying, the activation form should be available.

    To start ordering Foxy follow this link. If you have any questions about Foxy please contact us.