Download Page

Foxy is free to download. A full-featured trial version can be used for up to 45 days. Once purchased, Foxy can be updated for free (this may change in the future). There is no “Lite” or “Pro” versions or “licenses” artificially limiting the number of clients that can use the server at the same time, and the price is more than fair. So why not try it now?

Links in the table bellow point to installation packages of recent versions

An installation package is a single-file setup program; just run it and follow the instructions. The latest version is always available as foxy-install.exe.

If all you want is to update Foxy executable (and keep your configuration, etc.), just download and unzip the latest executable, stop Foxy service (e.g. by executing foxy.exe -t), copy the dowloaded foxy.exe over the old one, and restart the service (foxy.exe).

VersionDateRelease notes
  • Bug fixing. Added max_log_size parameter.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Merged Content Type Filter and File Type Filter. Now File Type Filter can block files by both Content-Type header and the actual file format.
  • Improved quick search bar and added it to the menu.
  • Signature filters are now on by default (they are very effective but too destructive for some fragile websites).
  • Now all 3 versions of ICRA content labels are supported (as well as SureSurf and SafeLabeling).
  • Traffic reports: green/red gauges for download/upload traffic.
  • Fix: Some servers send content in a persistent connection with neither Content-Length nor Transfer-Encoding. Now Foxy is smart enough to recognize that such connections cannot be persistent (and cannot be pooled).
  • New File Type Filter. The new filter can recognize and block downloads of Windows executables, and most popular formats of archive, audio, video, and image files. Deleted Exe Filter since its functionality is covered by the new filter.
  • Added analysis of self-imposed SureSurf and SafeLabeling content labels (next release will handle ICRA labels).
  • Added “CGI Proxies“ content category. May be used to block access to so called CGI proxies.
  • Fixed unclickable empty links for unknown categories in traffic report by category.
  • Minor bug fixes.